Every solar job needs a construction contract.

Solar contracts have to comply with state law.

All states require specific contract disclosures.

Heavy penalties apply if you ignore state law.

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If you're a solar contractor, you need good solar installation contracts.
You need contracts that:
  • Include the notices and disclosures required by state and Federal law.
  • Fit your jobs. Boilerplate contracts reflect a lack of professionalism.
  • Avoid the penalties assessed for use of a defective contract.
  • Anticipate the most likely disputes. Protect yourself.
  • Resolve key issues in your favor by adjusting the contract bias.
When you deliver a proposal for a clean energy system, attach a contract that:
  • You've drafted in minutes,
  • Complies with both state and Federal law, and
  • Demonstrates your competence as a construction "pro."
Construction Contract Writer drafts thermal and PV installation contracts based on your responses to interview questions. Click the buttons and boxes to draft a green power contract as detailed or as simple as the project requires – anything from a single home solar panel to a commercial solar array qualified for net metering. Download the program for $149.95. The trial version is free.

Laws change. You’ll be notified when it’s time to update – no charge for the first three years, $25 a year thereafter (or $40 for two years).

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